Sunday, August 14, 2016

While you were sleeping

i got to update on my 'while you were sleeping' journey but, i am too lazy. haha
this few years back i picked up a new interest, to go hiking.
HIKING is too big a word to describe what I did when what I actually do is just walking on a trail up and down a hill and stopping occasionally whenever i can't catch a breath.

And regretting my early morning wake up to force myself into the woods, knowing that later all I'll be having is sore and pain all over my body. But, I still want to do it.

I guess this is why women got pregnant over and over again; a moment of pleasure. hahaha. (serious no connection over here)

So today we took over Bukit Gasing (this place is so near to my place that if I walk there it will take shorter time than the actual 'hiking'). These people today stopped hundreds times because I was too slow. Seriously, only hike with people who don't mind your pace.

But the best thing has to be - i have to glorify this everytime, there is this woman who joined us halfway, I called her kakak and she said, 'don't call me kakak, my youngest is older than you'. to which i replied 'how old is your youngest?' she said '24.' and I'm like.... 'and you think I am???'

'I don't know.. 24? 22?' 22 GAISE. 22!!! personal record.

Anyways. Right after hiking we went for Banana Leaf at a famous banana leaf restaurant nearby and oh my god, WORST service ever. I almost swore I'll never set foot here again (and the banana leaf rice is not that good anyways, I still prefer Devi's). And at the counter there's a sign saying that they don't care if their competitor is charging less, they sure know what their food is worth. Oh wow, Such Arrogance? no wonder the attitude.

I wonder why this place is so famous after all. 

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