Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Complete Guide for Single Ladies.

So here's the list of Perfect Future Husband as promised.

These most elligible bachelors are extracted from findings of my research (uuu Pisau Cukur much!) with common thread like single, income 1 million per year and good looking is a must.

WARNING : Drool at your own risk.

Tengku Djan

He is the Malaysia's famous drifter. He's a 34 years old single chinese looking hotness from Terengganu. What I like the most about Tengku Djan is his VOICE and the way he talks. Auw. And when he smiles, the world shines upon you. Haha.

Source : The Star
What not to like about this? Absolutely nothing.

Rumour has it: Has a girlfriend already. Tsk.


He is the owner of the Sani Express. Son of a multimiliionaire also from Terengganu, brother of Anita Banu RTM1 newscaster and cousin of Sazzy Falak. Not so hot but still, he himself is now a millionaire.

Source : Oh Bulan

If you marry this, it's like marrying the whole LVs in the world. Come to mama, Damiens!

Rumor has it : Soon to be married. Heartbroken!

SM Faliq

Dedicated post before, remember. He's all the single young girls out there are to drool about. He is maybe the new generation of multimillionaire there is soon to be available.

Source: Internet

Auw. Hotness.

Rumor has it : High Class socialite.

SM Nasimuddin

Chill dear. If SM faliq is taken, then guess what, here's another Syed available waiting for you girlfriends. Oh to me, he is the hottest out of 3 but hey, at least there's options LOL.

Source : Star Motoring

Rumor has it : None heard.

So if four is not enough, I'm off to continue my research. For the meantime, pick one darling, pick one!


rsyazwani said...

OK this is freaky now, i really dont geddit why are you doing this??? :-S

altho it's prolly none of my business.... but it gets creepier everytime!! hahaah

or are you wishing that they would find your blog or soemthing??? ;p

hey, i dont mean, anything bad! :D

miserlyn said...

hahah raja.

met,haaaa kasut tengku djan,same!! we ol sehati dua jiwa;p

Anonymous said...

nasaruddin is with marion caunter. and u shouldnt do this. get a life.

kekek said...
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kekek said...

btw,hani has a wonderful life la.

alahai.all these men. i need to do a lot of gaharness.ngehe.

Hani said...

haha ngoto kekek! gaha jgn dok gaha.

met, i rase gk u n tengku djan mmg sesuai. ewwaaahhh. hensem ye met. tp cm pendek sket kot.


rsyazwani said...

/SLAPS Anonymous with the back of the slippers.

the Author does have a wonderful life. you are the one who should get a life!! what a jealous ho... >,>

how annoying,

Hani said...

i may not have a life but i surely do have wonderful friends.


lemme guess, anon. u surely google one of the hottie's name kan, hence brought u here?


miserlyn said...

met, bkpe rply cnik,u kne block ke yg?

Bella Zulkifly said...

Hani, this post is rockssss....